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We named this room because it had a door between this room and the Lumber baron room. It is thought that this room was for the wife and she could go through the door back and forth. This room features an Antique queen bed. It also has all the original shutters.

From $119 per night


The Lumber Baron is done in navy, burgundy with lots of wood. It has a king bed, with and a double Jacuzzi that sets right in the room. The room did have a call system that went to the kitchen so the Baron could call for coffee whenever, however we no longer answer any calls. With the room having so much wood in it you will think the Lumber Baron himself has stayed there.

From $139 per night


The Suite is a large room with a king bed, and is done in clean whites and deep coral color. The room sports a sitting room with all glass that has a splendid view of the Lake and river, where you can view the eagles, pelicans, or ice shanties, depending on the time of the year. It also has a fireplace, double Jacuzzi. This room has everything you need to make special memories. Certainly our most popular room in the house.

From $159 per night


This bedroom is a Queen room and contrary to the namedoes not have a one violet in it. It was named after the previous owners wife. The room has a blue and white theme, and has all white wicker. It has the character of a sunroom, as it’s very light with its windows. It also has a small view of the lake and river. The bath is highlighted by a 51/2ft claw tub and is just outside the room. The room (as all the rooms) has soft fluffy bathrobes to use after soaking in the tub.

From $109 per night


The Eastlake room is named for the pre-Victorian sophisticated

style of the home . A lot of our guests think it is named due to the fact that it is just east of the lake. This room has a sleek four poster bed, and other period furniture. It is truly elegant in the use of Grey, Blue and Green tones. The 5 ½ ft custom claw tub is not only comfortable to bath in but, is a work of art. I beautiful partial view of the lake and river is great for viewing sunsets.

From $119 per night


This is a favorite room of our guests even though it is a smaller room. It is very cozy in that it has a 41/2 ft claw tub that sets in the room. The wallpaper is green with lavender lilacs. The room was named after a French word that means antique beaded purses, which are displayed all over the room. This room has a antique iron bed, and antique iron furniture

From $109 per night


Small but intimate room with beautiful décor, private 1/2 bath and plush king bed. Combine this room for our Attic Suite for a private oasis for two couples or family.

From $89 per night